Tax Software - How Ezy Tax Back Works

At our income tax software is entirely online allowing you to complete your tax return yourself.

If you have never completed your own tax return before our tax preparation software also caters for you. Each step of our tax software is broken down into an online questionnaire in which you answer yes or no to each question.

To start, the online tax software will require you to fill in personal details. These details are important to ensure all correspondence with and the ATO goes directly to you. Our software will also ask you for bank account details. Your bank account details are sent to the ATO along with your return as all tax refunds are now deposited directly into bank accounts instead of sent out via bank cheque.  After you have entered the necessary personal details our online tax software will then direct you to the questionnaire.

After completing the questionnaire, you will then need to enter in further details for each question you answered ‘yes’ to. These details form the body of your online tax return.

The final step to complete is a review of all information you have entered into the tax software. It is vital all information entered is true and correct as you can be fined by the ATO for providing false or misleading information.

Once satisfied with the entered information, the online software will then require you to agree to the terms and conditions which involves your permission for to lodge your tax return directly with the ATO. Ticking this box is essentially digitally signing your tax return. The online tax software then directs you to the payment gateway.

After we have received your payment you return is reviewed by qualified CPA Accountants and if we believe your return can be improved you will be contacted directly to discuss. Your tax return is then lodged electronically with the ATO through our online software and you should receive your return from the ATO within 14 days. 



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