Tax Deadlines for Personal Tax Return

It’s a common occurrence that we leave everything to the last day, especially when it comes to personal taxes. What many people don’t understand is what is their actual tax return due date?

Ultimately the tax due date for individuals depends on your previous tax and lodgement history. If you have a lodged your tax return before the taxes due date every year and you have no outstanding tax returns the ATO allow you more time to lodge. If you do have outstanding returns or have previously lodged your returns late, your tax deadline may be much sooner than you may think.


Individuals with late or outstanding tax returns


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows individuals deemed to have poor lodgement history a period of four months to prepare and lodge their tax returns each year. As the financial year wraps up on the 30th June each year, tax return time begins on the 1st of July and the income tax due date with the ATO falls on the 31st of October each year.

If your tax return results in a tax payable you are also required to pay this amount to the ATO in specified time frame. For individuals the ATO allows 21 days post the due date for tax returns to make this payment. This means the last day to pay taxes for individuals in this case, falls on the 21st November.  If the individual is unable to pay this amount by the due date, the ATO can grant payment extensions or arrangements that suit the individual providing their previous payment history is of a desirable standard.


Individuals with no late or outstanding tax returns


For all remaining individuals with no late or outstanding tax returns the tax return deadline is the 15th May. Individuals who lodge their taxes through a Tax Agent also have this extended tax deadline.

If the return is lodged before the last day, any tax payable will be due 21 days after the tax deadline or 21 days after the notice of assessment is deemed as received (3 days after issue), whichever date is later. In most cases the individual will have 21 days after the due date for tax returns to pay this tax to the ATO.


Special Circumstances


The ATO also have implemented a concessional tax return deadline for all individuals with an Income tax due date of 15 May. This tax date allows these tax returns to be lodged by 5 June without penalty, provided that any payment required is also made by this tax due date.


In some special circumstances individuals can obtain extensions on payment and tax return deadlines may have different dates. The same general rules as outlined above apply to all tax return dates unless otherwise outlined by the ATO.